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5 Paid Time-Saving Tools for Article Authors

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Article writing can be an Internet Marketer's best friend. It can also be a very time-consuming and high-maintenance friend.

There are tools available to help you with this problem though. You will find five of them in the following article.

1. Ezine Announcer


You have to submit your articles to article directories and announcement lists. You have to find ezines willing to publish your articles, contact their editors, and then keep an updated list of those ezines. It takes a lot of time and effort to do all of this. Ezine Announcer takes the hassle out of promoting your articles using the traditional methods by providing an easy way to accomplish the above. This is what I use to promote all of my articles and it has been a life-saver.

2. Ebook Compiler


As you might have read before, compiling your articles into an ebook and then giving it away is a wonderful method for promoting them and proving something of value at the same time. Some people will recommend that you use a free ebook compiler for doing this but there are a couple of pitfalls in doing so.

Sometimes free ebook compilers will insert ads for themselves into your ebooks. Or worse yet, they will stamp "This ebook cannot be sold" (or something similar) right across your text. In large, colorful, bold words. Either way you will look unprofessional to the readers of your ebook.

3. Ezine Article Creator


If you have trouble writing your articles, or just wish that it didn't take as long, then you will find this piece of software to be a valuable addition to your arsenal. You will still have to decide on a topic for your article and do the research for it.

4. Autoresponder Service


Using a paid autoresponder service is essential to your business, even when it comes to your articles. Free autoresponders put ads in every message you send out and make you look unprofessional. I know that sounds repetitive, but presenting yourself in an unprofessional way will kill your sales so it is important enough to repeat.

5. Proofreading Service


Another essential tool to include is a proofreading service. This ties in with the entire looking professional theme. When you send your articles out full of errors you are making one of the biggest mistakes that a writer can make. Not many people will read your article, see a bunch of errors, and say "This person is a professional and I will trust them go buy their stuff now."

Free tools will help you tremendously but there are limits to what they can offer.

The above tools, when used in addition to the free ones, will cut the time you spend writing and promoting articles down to almost zero.

This article is a companion article to "5 Free Time-Saving Tools for Article Authors". You can get a copy of that article by sending an email to 5freetools@articlesubmission.com.

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