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Get Your Emails Organized

by Detlev Reimer

Chances are great, you receive more than 5-10 emails per day and you certainly have experienced more than once that these emails can pile up very fast if you have not been at home for some days.

Usually, most of us just use our inbox to receive emails, just like I did until some weeks ago, whether it is in Outlook, Eudora, Pegasus or whatever email program you might use.

As an online marketer you should be cleverer than that...

If you don't want to waste your time, sorting out these emails manually, you have to prepare your incoming mailbox and do something different to get a quick overview which emails are spam and can be deleted, which emails are worth looking at and which emails are urgent and have to be answered immediately.

You can do this by creating subdirectories in your inbox. Just split it up into categories like :

Spam Friends Marketing contacts

Prospects Customers


Affiliates etc.

But, of course, you have to assign certain rules to your incoming emails, they won't split up into the right boxes by themselves.

There is a simple solution to this: Email programs have filters which do the work for you . I will use Outlook Express as an example as it is one of the most spread email programs; you have to check the explained options in your own email program and do it in a similar way (maybe in your program it is called "filters").

If you take the menu item "Extras" in Outlook Express, you will find a submenu that is called "Rules". Here, you can choose between rules for emails, for newsgroups and for your list of blocked email addresses.

After choosing email rules, a new window opens and you see some checkboxes which actually are the rules you want to apply to your emails.

In most cases, you will sort your emails by sender. You can do this by checking the first menu item

1.) x Contains sender in the "From" - line

and then you check :

2.) x Move into "...." directory

3.) x Now you can click on the blue marked "sender"

and you choose for example a friend of yours from your address book or you make it more general and you move all senders from @yahoo.com to your "Marketing contacts" folders by clicking on "directory" and choosing the appropriate item.

Now you have successfully created a new rule and you can assign a name for it as well e.g. "Close friends" or something like that.

If you don't even want to read spam messages you can apply a filter that deletes it immediately.

Or you can prepare an answer that is being sent if certain words appear in the body copy or in the subject line.

This means, you are able to create a kind of autoresponder that is triggered by keywords instead of a sender and this can be very powerful as well.

Or perhaps, you do not want to receive messages that exceed a certain file size e.g. if a message is >1 MB. Then you can apply a filter that forbids your email program to download these messages.

There is an endless variety of filters you can use.

Do yourself a favor and use them; they will save you a lot of time.


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